The original

Protects your cargo from moisture. Since 1979 DRY-BAG has been the preferred sustainable container dessicant.

Harmless danish cargo protection desiccant.
DRY-BAG® protects your products from moisture damage.

Made of natural materials

Absorption for 90 days

Easy and fast application

Focusing on sustainability

Advantages compared to similar solutions

Protection against moisture , when transporting your cargo, is essential if you want your goods to arrive in good condition. 

The original DRY-BAG® outcompetes the most common clay-based desiccants, because of its higher absorption capacity. Since Mo clay is sourced locally in Denmark, production of DRY-BAG® leaves a better CO2 footprint.

We constantly strive to improve the way of working, aiming for a lower carbon footprint through production methods and internal processes.

Food approved by Danish Food & Agriculture, which makes it the perfect fit for safe food transport.

The humidity created inside maritime containers during transportation, is one of the main problems and cause of claims in maritime transport of cargo. With DRY-BAG® inside the maritime containers, moisture is absorbed in a controlled maner, protecting your cargo all the way to the destination.

Mold, corrosion, fungus, moisture, lumping/caking and stickers peeling off your boxes are typical problems caused by moisture in shipping containers. Prevent all these typical problems, simply by applying DRY-BAG® inside the shipping container.

DRY-BAG® has an integrated hook at the top, making it easy to hang it in the designated eyes of of the shipping container. DRY-BAG® are packed in to bags of 2, because you normally mount 2 bags in one workflow. The total number of DRY-BAGs needed in a container, depends on contents, weather, time of year etc.
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What does lemons and DRY-BAG® have in common? Actually alot! They are yellow, natural and holds alot of juice.

Did you know?

DRY-BAG® is reusable. You can reheat the contents of the bag, and it will absorp moisture again.

Probably the most environmentally sustainable solution

Emission reports are continously being completed, and LCA reports documents the lifecycle of the product, and used ressources during production. DRY-BAG® wants to participate in the constant work to secure a healthy earth for future generations.

For the last 20 years, our yellow bags have been sewed together by physically or mentally disabled volunteers at a drop-in centre in Northern Aarhus, Denmark. Both parties greatly appreciate the work, so it’s a true win-win.

Why use container desiccant bags?

Moisture during cargo transportation in shipping containers, is a big challenge because of the damage it can cause your cargo.

Damaged boxes

Wet boxes in shipping containers is one of the biggest problems of moisture during transportation. Applying DRY-BAG® will make sure that products reaches the destination in good condition.


Metal corrosion is a very known issue if your shipping container is not equiped with dessicant bags to absorb moisture. Since the very beginning of DRY-BAG®, anti-corrosion is still one of the largest segments, and still is.

Stickers peeling off

Stickers on cardboard boxes easily peel off, if the boxes absorb moisture. DRY-BAG absorbs the moisture, so the stickers stay in place.

Protect food, ingredients and feed materials

DRY-BAG® is widely used in protecting hygroscopic goods like food, ingredients, chemicals and feed materials.

The superior absorbency of the Mo clay


DRY-BAG® is capable of absorbing up to 80% of it's own weight. The high absorption capabilities is because of the Mo clay used.

90 days

DRY-BAG® desiccant bags absorbs moisture over an extended period of up to 90 days, covering the entire period of transit.

Environmentally friendly

DRY-BAG® is 100% environmentally friendly, and can be disposed as ordinary household waste after use. It's even DMF-free as well.


Every 2 kilo DRY-BAG only produces 0.58 kg CO2e, making it probably the most efficient and environmentally friendly desiccant bag.

Proudly produced in Denmark

DRY-BAG® is founded in Denmark in 1979, and strives to be forever ethic and decent in everything we do. Our production facilities are located in Denmark, since the base of our product originates from here.

Customization and traceability

DRY-BAG® keeps track of the entire value chain, securing tracability. DRY-BAG® can be produced with your own logo, making it the perfect white label solution.

Always ready to deliver

In our danish production facility, we are always ahead of demand, which means we always have DRY-BAG® ready to deliver all over the world through our dealers.

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DRY-BAG® for a better future

We actually care about the environment. We are ready to prove it, through numerous certificates proving the low impact of the environment, when using the original DRY-BAG®.

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