DRY-BAG® is a sustainable solution with local sourcing of natural raw materials.

Local sourcing of materials

The main material in a DRY-BAG® is Mo clay from the North of Denmark. Mo clay is dated back more than 50 million years ago, and the processing is significantly more environmentally friendly than the making of other alternatives in the market.

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Because DRY-BAG® is made out of natural raw materials, it is not carcinogenic – DRY-BAG® is a harmless container desiccant. It’s of course RoHS and REACH compliant. It can even be reused, by simply reheating the Mo clay. It can be disposed as regular waste garbage after use.

Social responsibility

A share of the outer material of the DRY-BAG® are sewn by local disabled workers to take an active social responsibility in our community. Because we really care.


DRY-BAG® holds several reports where it has been tested by authorized laboratories to secure correct values, absorbency and carbon footprint. We are constantly working on keeping DRY-BAG® the most environmentally friendly desiccant solution. We work closely together with a Copenhagen based agency to secure documented low emission and tracability reports. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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