The company DRY-BAG® was founded in 1979 by Anders Bendt, with the mission to create an eco-friendly and cost effective solution to protect cargo from moisture. The idea of using Mo clay showed out to be the perfect solution for a large ammount of industries transporting cargo by air, sea, road and rail. This core idea made DRY-BAG the preferred supplier of desiccant bags for more than 45 years now.

The founding bricks

Originally established as a shipping brokerage in 1960, Anders Bendt soon identified the need for more effective protection against humidity and moisture damage to cargo and goods being transported long distances. Extensive testing led to the development of DRY-BAG A/S in 1979 and since then we have produced and sold the ORIGINAL DRY-BAG® across the world – both direct and through trusted partners. Our highly effective desiccant are based on natural, environmentally friendly raw material sourced locally.

The founding bricks was laid as we had a strong connection with South America and the first containers we protected, was carrying green bean coffee to keep moisture below the requested specification in terms of moist. Today coffee and food in general plays a large role in our company.

Proudly produced in Denmark

We are always striving to improve and with strong roots in Denmark still today, we are always looking for further ways to play our part in the green transition. We are dedicated to sustainable and responsible production, and we are doing our outmost to enhance all aspects in our business.

Slow absorption is key

Compared to other variations on the market, DRY-BAG® gradually absorbs moisture over time, whereas many other products absorb a lot of moisture in the beginning and quickly reach maximum capacity. This slow and gradual moisture absorption is a great advantage in, for example, sea transportation, where the distribution time is long.

DRY-BAG® is like a sponge, that attracts moisture through the tiny capillary holes in the fabric. At low humidity only the smallest holes will be filled with steam. When temperature rises, the bigger holes are filled. At 90-100% humidity will be absorbed by the clay at full capacity. Unlike a sponge, the DRY-BAG® actually keeps dry, even at its full capacity.

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